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Title District Deadline When Posted
High School Chemistry Teacher Bangor Public Schools 03/03/2017 02/15/2017
RETENTION SPECIALIST Mount Clemens Community Schools 03/03/2017 02/16/2017
RETENTION SPECIALIST Mount Clemens Community Schools 03/03/2017 02/16/2017
RETENTION SPECIALIST Mount Clemens Community Schools 03/03/2017 02/16/2017
Southeastern Elementary Principal Hastings Area School System 03/03/2017 02/17/2017
Full Time Payroll/Business Office Specialist Shepherd Public Schools 03/03/2017 02/20/2017
Director of Operations Shelby Public Schools 03/03/2017 8 hours 30 min ago
Onboard Science Instructor Grand Valley State University Annis Water Resources Institute 03/04/2017 02/16/2017
Special Education Administrative Assistant and District Registrar DEWITT PUBLIC SCHOOLS 03/06/2017 12/06/2016
Early College Coordinator, Temporary Ingham Intermediate School District 03/06/2017 02/13/2017
Elementary Special Education Teacher- EI Endorsement Hesperia Community Schools 03/07/2017 13 hours 7 min ago
Superintendent Croswell-Lexington Community Schools/MASB 03/08/2017 01/25/2017
CS Partners Director of School Performance Team CS Partners/ MEP Services 03/08/2017 02/06/2017
Superintendent, Harbor Beach Community Schools Harbor Beach Community Schools/Michigan Leadership Institute 03/10/2017 01/23/2017
Elementary Teacher Fairview Area Schools 03/10/2017 02/17/2017
Secondary Teacher (Grades 6-12) Fairview Area Schools 03/10/2017 02/17/2017
Director of Transportation/Maintenance Shepherd Public Schools 03/10/2017 02/17/2017
Employee Benefits Specialist Birmingham Public Schools 03/10/2017 9 hours 34 min ago
K-5 Teacher for Oneida Strange School (One-room school house) Oneida Strange School (K-5) 03/11/2017 02/02/2017
Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction Van Dyke Public Schools 03/14/2017 02/14/2017
Administrative Assistant – Special Education Lewis Cass Intermediate School District 03/15/2017 12/15/2016
Associate Superintendent of Special Education Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service Agency 03/15/2017 01/26/2017
Instructor for Welding, Brazing & Soldering Genesee Intermediate School District 03/15/2017 01/27/2017
Superintendent, Buchanan Community Schools Buchanan Community Schools/Michigan Leadership Institute 03/15/2017 02/09/2017
Special Education Teacher Murphy Performance Academy 03/15/2017 02/11/2017