Special Education Teacher

Saturday, November 30, 2019
FlexTech High School - Shepherd
Position Details: 

FlexTech High School - Shepherd is hiring a High School Special Education Teacher.   This is a part time position.  Valid Michigan Teaching Certification with a Special Education endorsement is required.

Are you an educational dreamer, believing all students will be inspired learners in the right environment? Are you passionate about transforming young people’s lives through innovative school reform?  Do you want to join a passionate and collaborative faculty in a truly innovative network of inquiry-based high schools who are continuously striving to make a better school?

FlexTech High School was designed to be a new vision for educating the 21st Century teenager, one that puts wonder, creativity and initiative at the heart of the learning process and prepares students for today’s unpredictable and rapidly-changing world.  What started out as a challenge to design a school that would re-engage disenfranchised learners has grown into a mission to reinvent the education paradigm that simply is behind the times. 

FlexTech Network of High Schools includes locations in Brighton, Novi and now Shepherd.  As a 9-12 high school, FlexTech offers flexible scheduling to accommodate learning outside the walls of the school through internships, college dual enrollment and various community projects.  Students find themselves challenged and inspired by the progressive, competency-based and project-based learning model that is at the core of our instructional program.  
FlexTech embraces the Small Schools Initiative, with total building enrollments at 300 or less, the students work closely with a teacher-advisor to monitor their progress and to tailor their school experience to meet their individual needs and interests. 

Students come to FlexTech looking for a more relevant high school experience. They seek a small, personal environment where they feel supported and encouraged to pursue their interests. The school has an open campus that operates under a seat time waiver, so student schedules are markedly different from a typical high school and there is an emphasis on using technology to support our methodology.

Teachers and students spend their day in an open environment that was specifically designed to mirror the contemporary work world where students are expected to manage their time and build independent and collaborative work skills. Although teachers do some typical classroom instruction, they spend a lot of their time one-on-one or in small groups guiding student work and projects.

Staff at FlexTech High School are part of a learning community participating in year-long professional development designed to support and develop teachers through a process of reflection and practice.  Through a dynamic and supportive environment, all staff are encouraged to bring new ideas and participate in problem solving protocols.  FlexTech provides opportunity for leadership in many ways and strives to support all staff in becoming expert, contributing members of our learning community.

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