Supervisor of Early Childhood Special Services

Friday, August 9, 2019
Muskegon Area ISD
Position Details: 

Muskegon Area Intermediate School District 630 Harvey St., Muskegon, MI 49442
POSITION: Supervisor of Early Childhood Special Services
Individuals in this position will be responsible for the oversight of the Early on and Michigan Mandatory Special Education Programs within the
Muskegon Area Intermediate School District, as well as coordination of birth to three home visiting services and community play groups.
Individuals manages all areas of program compliance including development and management of Early On grant funding and Infant Toddler
Program budget; utilization of relevant data management systems; implementation and follow through of all Individualized Family Service
Plans (IFSP); children/students enrolled in Early On and Infant Programs; and the transition of Infant Toddler Program students to MAISD local
school districts. Individual in this position is also responsible for the supervision and ongoing staff development for multiple staff members.
• Three - five years experience in early childhood with a Master’s in Early Education or related field.
• Must meet MI Special Education Supervisor requirements.
• Have a thorough understanding of child development and early childhood systems with awareness of current research and best
practices in early childhood.
• Ability to work both in a team setting and independently.
• Experience working in early childhood office or classroom environment.
• Knowledge of PowerSchool Special Education database system.
• Understanding the Organization:
o Keeps up with policies, practices and trends.
o Understands the meaning and implications of key financial indicators, integrates quantitative and qualitative information to draw
accurate conclusions.
• Communicating Effectively:
o Attentively listens to others
o Articulates messages in a way that is broadly understandable
o Adjusts communication content and style to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders
• Making Complex Decisions:
o Understands internal and external stakeholder requirements, expectations and needs, and can prioritize the use of resources in an
equitable manner
o Considers cultural and ethical factors in the decision making process
• Taking Initiative:
o Readily takes action on challenges
o Identifies and seizes new opportunities
• Being Authentic:
o Provides affirmation, recognition and celebrates success
• Directing Work:
o Provides clear expectations and appropriate feedback
o Encourages diverse thinking to promote and nurture innovation
o Intervenes as needed to remove obstacles
o Promotes a sense of urgency and establishes and enforces individual accountability in the team
• Maintains files for Early On and Michigan Mandatory Special Education programs, helping ensure compliance with a variety of program
• Collect and maintain accurate child data for MSDS reporting, utilizing PowerSchool Special Education.
• Provide support to Early Childhood providers and assessment teams.
• Acts as an instructional leader in the program promoting best practices in curriculum, assessment, instruction and positive behavioral
• Actively involved with School Improvement Process.
• Promotes data-based decision making.
• Evaluates staff.
• Promotes strong family involvement.
• Planning and implementation of staff professional development activities.
• Works collaboratively with various community agencies.
• Works cooperatively with the program staff in conducting REED, Eligibility Recommendation and IFSP/IEPT meetings.
• Assists with the collection and reporting of data for the pupil accounting process and the local district bill back system.
• Organize substitute staff, when school staffs are absent.
• Manage program budgets in coordination with MDE allocations, grants and community funds.
• Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Associate Superintendent.
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: All candidates must apply online at
TERMS: This position is a 260-day position offering full family benefits (medical, dental, and vision).
SALARY RANGE: Supervisor scale $70,653.41-$80,134.82 (Step1-3), dependent on experience and education.
It is the policy of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District that no staff member, candidate for employment, program participant, or
recipient of services shall experience discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation or transgender
identity) disability, age, religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally
protected category (collectively "Protected Classes”), in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities. Inquiries related to
issues of discrimination on the basis of disability should be directed to the Assistant Director for Special Education at (231)767-7249. All other
discrimination inquiries or requests for special accommodations to participate in a program, event, or activity should be directed to the Human
Resources Director at (231) 767-7213.